Rose hip neurons specific to humans…

Putative inhibitory neurons located in layer I of cortex. They make up between 10 and 15% inhibitory cells in that most superficial layer. Story here, courtesy of SCIENCE.

What is interesting is that these cells are not found in mouse brain as determined by single nucleus RNAseq. Which raises the question about whether these cells are important to human-level higher cognition.

Link to the original paper in Nature Neuroscience here.


Allen Institute to go after Human Neocortex now

Money quote from MSNBC:

The Allen Institute already has a head start on the human brain, thanks to its studies of gene expression in the human cortex. Today marks the official beginning of a four-year campaign to characterize gene activity in the entire human brain.

Jones said the institute spent about $41 million to create the mouse brain atlas, and about half of that work can be leveraged for the new project. However, he estimated that completing the human brain map would require $55 million more, spread over four years.

“The human brain is 2,000 times as large as the mouse brain,” he observed. “The first thing that you’re faced with, right out of the gate, is that it’s 2,000 times as big.”