Thoughts on double-dip

First a caveat–the view from Nelson County Virginia is never great. Not talking about the mountain views, we can see sixty miles up the Valley from here. Looking out of our windows is a major recreation while we’re here. Rather, the Recession only exacerbated what was already a very difficult economy locally. Other than Wintergreen Ski Resort, there’s not a lot of money pouring into this corner of the Blue Ridge–ever.

I brought the Financial Times from Washington and reading it, this afternoon, listening to Miles Davis with the windows wide open to mid-sixty degree temperatures and blue skies, provokes cognitive dissonance. A consensus seems to be developing that the the global economy isn’t going to improve substantively anytime soon.

This outcome, if true, would have major consequences for science funding around the globe. Certainly here in the U.S., it might coincide with the ending of ARRA (Recovery Act) grants to create something of a perfect storm.

On the other hand, my state, the Commonwealth of Virginia, is projected to have ended the fiscal year with a surplus!

So it’s difficult to read the tea leaves.